Beautiful Lindos, will instantly win you over with the simplicity of the environment and natural scenery

- Our Chef Leonidas

Tambakio restaurant beach bar

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Tambakio restaurant beach bar

St. Paul's Bay, Lindos, is one of the most beautiful bays on the island. A very popular venue for weddings and holiday makers, as other then it's natural beauty the bay is also home to a small church, built to commemorate the visit to the bay by St. Paul on his mission to spread christianity throughout Europe.

If you wish to step off the beach during the day, why not have lunch with us, we are open every day from 10am for drinks and from 12 noon until late into the evening we offer our full menu all day. For a romantic evening the beach and tables are lit by candle light, as soon as you step onto the beach you'll realise the atmosphere is a little more sophisticated and special then anywhere else.

Vivid flavors of the

Mediterranean Cuisine

Rich menu selection of fresh seafood

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Greek Meze


Greek Meze, a selection of dips, hummus, tzatziki, taramasalata, aubergine salad with pine nuts, Kalamata olives, pitta bread with olive oil and sweet paprika.

Courgette fritters with yoghurt and dill sauce

€11 (V)

Watermelon pieces with feta cheese

€ 10 (V)

Watermelon pieces with feta cheese and fresh basil.

Caprese with Burrata cheese

€ 13 (V)

Caprese with Burrata cheese, acorn tomatoes, pine nuts, fresh pesto and basil. (Burrata will be replaced with Mozzerella if unavailable).

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wedding and events

Tambakio meze


Tambakio meze served on natural wood boards with hummus, tarama, tzatziki and aubergine dips, pitta bread with sweet paprika, olive oil and kalamata black olives.

Scallops grilled


Scallops grilled and served with aromatic gremolata.

Burrata caprese with acorn tomatoes

€13 (V)

Burrata caprese with acorn tomatoes, pine nuts, fresh basil and home made pesto (if burrata is unavailable we will use Mozzerella).

Deep fried calimari rings


Deep fried calimari rings with tartare sauce.

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